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We accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express credit card and PayPal order payment.

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   How to pay several quotes in a time?
A customer can place up to 4 orders at once.
For example, a customer has 3 quotes to be ordered, the quotes are:
  In the above example, that customer need to input 9B04L1 + 0M04U1 + 9A03Y1 +             
  (Required)   (If Available)   (If Available)   (If Available)  
   Where to find Your Quote ID:
On the top right side of your quote, you could find the Quote ID printed in Blue Color. Something like 9B04L1.
(If Available)
(If Available)
(If Available)
Type your Quote IDs in the small windows. Each window for each Quote ID.
1/2. Your Quote ID: + + +
  Option -- Customer PO # + + +
2/2. Total Quote Price:  US$ * If you pay several quotes in one time, please add all quote prices together and fill the sum here.
    Certificate of Validation
PayPal   If you would like to make your order payment with PayPal, please click the sign on the left.
 Refund Policy:
  1. If a refund is requested before the manufacturing process starts, then all of the money will be refunded.
  2. If a refund is requested after the manufacturing process has started, all refunds will be minus the materials and process costs at that time.