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PCB Electric Test

For each PCB delivered to customers, our company will conduct strict product inspections to ensure product quality. Regarding to PCB electric test, mainly has two methods: PCB flying probe test and PCB bracket electric test.

1.Range of use and characteristics of flying probe test
Flying probe test: It replaces the needle bed with probes, and uses multiple motor-driven, fast-moving electrical probes to make contact with the pins of the device and make electrical measurements. Our company introduced the industry's latest ultra-high-speed flying probe testing machine, which can measure the smallest PDA: 4mil, compared with the traditional flying probe testing machine, the average test speed is increased by more than 30%, and the delivery time is better guaranteed. Scope of application: It is suitable for open circuit and short circuit test of model and small batch printed circuit boards within 3 square meters, and the range of board thickness is 0.4mm~3.2mm.

2. The use range of Test Bracket and its characteristics

Each PCB design need to make customized special test brackets. Each set of special test brackets corresponds to only one product.When in use, the test brackets are installed on a universal testing machine to conduct open and short circuit detection for the products to ensure the quality of the products. The cost of customized test bracket is higher than that of the flying probe test, but the test bracket is a one-time cost, that is to say, a test bracket is customized when the product is first manufactured, and the test bracket does not need to be ordered again, and it can be reused. This is also a benefit of making a customized special test bracket. In addition, the test bracket is more efficient than the flying probe test and is suitable for batch circuit board testing.