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PCB Fabrication Capabilities

Technology index
Layer counts 0-20L
CEM FR4; High Tg FR4; PTFE; Aluminum base; Rogers
Board thickness 0.01inch/0.20mm-0.24inch/6.0mm
Board thickness tolerance +/-10%
Maximum board size 20.08inch/510mm x 47.01inch/11s94mm
Board outline tolerance +/-3.94mil (+/-0.10mm)
Drilling hole size (Mechanical) 7.87mil/0.20mm
Finished hole size (Mechanical) 3.94mil/0.10mm
Registration (Mechanical) +/-0.075mm (2.95mil)
Aspect Ratio 10:1
Multi-Layer PCB External Copper Thickness 0.5oz/18um -- 4oz/140um
1 and 2 layer PCB External Copper Thickness 0.5oz/18um -- 9oz/315um
Internal layer copper thickness 0.5oz/18um -- 4oz/140um
PTH wall copper thickness 0.5-1.4mil/12-35um
Minimum impedance control line width 4.5mil/0.11mm
Dielectric thickness between layers 2.95-196.85mil/0.075-5.0mm
Solder mask type LPI
Minimum Solder mask dam 3.94mil/0.10mm
Minimum solder mask clearance 1.97mil/0.05mm
Maximum plug hole size 23.62mil/0.60mm Max
Designed Conductor Width/ Space (Minimum) 4.0mil/0.10mm
Impedance Tolerance of Finished Board (Minimum) +/-10%
Surface finish HASL (thickness) 1-25um/2-50um
Lead Free HASL (thickness) 1-25um/2-50um
Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold(thickness) >0.002mil (>0.05um)
Immersion Silver (thickness) 0.006mil/0.15um-0.03mil/0.75um
Immersion Tin (thickness) >0.04mil (>1.0um)
OSP (thickness) 0.008mil/0.2um-0.02mil/0.5um
Flash gold (thickness) >0.02mil (>0.05um)
Peelable solder mask (thickness) 0.30mm min
Gold fingers (thickness) 3u"-30u"
Bare board test E-Test Maximum testing points 64512 points (both side)
Maximum testing board size 16.97inch/431mm x 37.20inch/945mm
Minimum testing pad size 7.87mil/0.20mm
Minimum testing pad pitch 11.81mil/0.30mm
Maximum testing voltage 300v
Maximum testing insulating resistance 100MΩ
Minimum testing Continuity resistance 5MΩ
Flying Probe Maximum testing points no restrict
Maximum testing board size 15.94inch/405mm x 24.02inch/610mm
Minimum testing pad size 5.91mil/0.15mm
Minimum testing pad pitch 11.81mil/0.30mm

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