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PCB Fabrication Customer Reviews

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Boards arrived yesterday and got started on assembly.  Excellent, solder wetting, clean line definition, via drill holes exactly in the middle of via lands.  Please pass my thanks back to one and all who made such excellent  boards.

    Al Lemke

I've received the PCB's, tested them and everything is perfect! Thanks you so much! I will have a few more orders coming your way in the next couple of months.

    Jeff G

All boards were received correctly. They were very well packaged and I am very satisfied with them. I will definitely be ordering more boards from you in the future.

    Adam E

Excellent service, and the first board has already been fabricated to verify everything was OK. A different board will be ordered in a few weeks.

    Jeff V.

The boards are just as ordered and work great. Thank you for a great product and will order from you again when more PCBs are needed. Thank you!

    Kristin K

I ordered PCBs on a Sunday and they were delivered on Friday of the same week! I am very impressed with the fast turnaround and excellent quality! Thanks

    Steve C.

The PCBs were recieved. Thank you very much for your attention, great work, and fast service.

    S. Lee

I'm amazed at your fast delivery: I didn't expect parts for 3 more days. Great quality, too. I'm very pleased with this order.

    J Curren

I received the PCBs and I must say that they are perfect! This was the first time that I have ever used a fab house to make my PCBs and thank you so much for making the experience so simple and fast. I can't believe how quickly I received my order and how well the work. Thank you again and I will be placing many orders in the future.

    Jeff G

PC Boards your company made for us turned out great. Thank you very much. Hopefully, we will be able to order many more PCB's from you in the future.

    Cheers, S.

The boards you built for us arrived today. Absolutely gorgeous. Very nicely done. Thanks to you, as always, for your high-quality of care and attention to our happy little projects.

    Martin B

Hi PCB Fabrication
The boards arrived and are PERFECT!  Could not be happier.  Thank You!

    Dave S

Hi, PCB Fabrication. Wonderful news, some of the other vendors I have to keep track of, your company finished way ahead of schedule. I hope to place another order very soon and for 8 panels.

    Fred Y

Yes, the PCBs showed up and look great. We are going to assemble the first production model Friday I'm very excited thank you very much.

    Brett S

Thank you, yes I did receive the PCBs. I have already assembled and tested them and they are working well.

    Matt P.

Yes we have the PCB's here now, great job getting them here fast. I am very very pleased with your service. Thank you.

    Robert R.

Thanks so much, the PCBs arrived in excellent shape and they look beautiful, I've consumed by assembling these instruments since the boards arrived. All your service was great and the PCBs are of top quality. Thanks again!

    Jared E

Yes, I have received the PCB and I'm very pleased with it! Your service, communication, and delivery time is all excellent! I will be returning to do another PCB with you in the near future. Thanks you for your excellent work!

    Joe K

On time delivery, and very good quality. I appreciate your help in completing this project, and hope to use your services in upcoming projects. Many Thanks.

    J. Curren

I have received everything I have ordered from you. I wanted to thank you, the PCB's I received are perfect and very well made. I will definitely be using your company for all of my PCB fabrication needs. Thank you for doing a great job for me.

    Adam M

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