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PCB Fabrication Customer Reviews

Thank you very much for expediting my order, I received my boards today, ahead of schedule. As always, I am very happy with your service and I continue to recommend you to others. Again, Thank you.

    Joe Z

The received boards are terrific quality, as I have come to expect from your team! Thank you very much for being so reliable. It makes a business plan seem much closer... Regards

    J Fisher

I received the boards and they are great. This is the first time i have had boards fabricated and I am amazed at the simplicity and quality.
I will certainly be having more boards fabricated.

    Jon T.

Yes the boards arrived yesterday or the day before. They are being assembled as we speak. Thanks for your usual fast turnaround, you guys are the best hands down! I'll have a bigger order for you as soon as we dial in this design. Thanks again.

    R. Thomas

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for fast turn-around and high quality PCBs delivered. These worked very well for our prototypes. We are now looking at potential high volumes within the next year.

    W dHaene

The boards appear to be top quality. The scoring was very clean, and it came apart easily. We will begin assembly soon, and then testing. So far, top quality! Thank you so much!

    Robin N.

I have received the PCBs, they look great as usual. Thanks for the great service.

    Curt F

Many thanks for the PCB Fabrication of the above part. The boards were fabricated perfectly; they have already been loaded and tested. You can be sure that PCBfabrication will have the opportunity to quote on future projects.

    Bret H

I have received the PCB order and I am very happy with the outstanding job you did. The parts are of better quality than I expected and since this was my first order and first PCB I have ever had fabricated, I know you had to do some extra work to make sure the parts came out correctly and very fast. I will be recommending your service to my associates. Thanks for your excellent work.

    Marty T

Yes I have received the boards. They look great. Thank You for all your quick response to my questions. Also thank you for making the boards quickly. I hope to use you again in the future. Thanks again

    Daniel M

Yes, the boards arrived yesterday. As usual you guys are fast and efficient. Thank you very much for getting them here so fast, we appreciate it greatly. If all companies operated like yours it would be a kick ass world. Thanks!

    Rod T

Thank you very much for the boards, they look great and so far, are exactly what we expected. Thank you. Also thank you for tracking this process though as well as your system has. It is helpful and assuring to know you are aware of where it is at, at all times. I will send business your way. Until next time, Best Regards

    Lada C

Beautiful gold coating. The hole alignment is very good, also. Some of the best PCBs I've ever seen. Thank you!

    Arthur M

I received the boards and they are excellent. Thanks for the great service. I will be ordering again when I need boards.

    Brian L.

The boards arrived and they look great, I will be assembling them this week. I have a lot of new products that I will be building this year, and I definitely will be ordering more boards from you. Thank you for the quick and great work.

    Lee J

I am very happy with your work. We are populating and proramming the unit. Thanks for your good and prompt work. We will be contacting you in the future for production runs and more prototypes.


Just a quick note to let you know I received my PCB order today. That was fast and the boards look great! I'll be sure to use you again the next time I need a board fabricated.

    Ken D.

We received the PCBs today. They are perfect. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you again.

    Dan B.

I have received the PCBs today. Many thanks for your quality and personal service. There is a good chance I will order another project soon.

    Jim W

The PCBs have arrived. They look fabulous. We will begin loading the circuit tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. Have a very happy weekend.

    David S

 Date Time: 13:2:30 PM, 5/24/2024
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