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PCB Fabrication Customer Reviews

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I received the PCBs today and I am pleased with the quality, price and prompt delivery. I will use your PCB service for future projects. Thank you.

    Curt D

The boards are of excellent quality as always, and your service is outstanding. I am highly recommending your company to everyone I know who needs printed circuit boards. Many thanks.

    Brett R

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the PCBs I recently ordered arrived this morning, much sooner than I had expected, especially considering the holidays. Please pass along my thanks to everyone involved - it is a big help to me that they came as quickly as they did, and it will allow me to finish this project ahead of schedule.

    James S

Your company name does not live up to your company. It should be called Perfect Fast PCB. Thank you for a great job. I am looking forward to doing more PCB business with you. Regards

    Tom M

I got the boards in yesterday and reviewed them with my customer today, and they look really really good! Thanks so much for the help! I sure I l be doing business with you again in the future. Take care!


Thanks for the email, shipment was received today, excellent quality as usual. Very happy with PCB Fabrication, keep up the good work!

    Adams E

The previous PCB order was received and we are happy with the order. I have submitted another, thanks.

    Lee G

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