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PCB Fabrication Customer Reviews

The PCB's came out great, and I appreciate your patience in getting this account ready and getting the order completed. We will order from you again when we need PCB's. Thank you very much.

    Judy R

We have received the boards and they look excellent. I am impressed with your service. Thank you very much.

    Doug A

We have received the PCB`s. Very fast service! Thank you. The PCB`s look good, though I have not tried using them yet. I am looking forward to using your service in the future when I have more PCB needs. Thank you.

    Charles S

Your team did a great job on the boards we sent. They look beautiful and your CAD work to panelize them was a great help - and very nicely done. We`ll be building them in a couple of days. Thank you again!

    B. Martin

I received the boards today. They look great and I am very happy with your quality and service. You can expect more orders from me in the future. Thank you again.

    Brian L

PCB Fabrication, I`m very happy with the boards. It`s a great price, too. Thank you!


We have used your prototyping services a few times now and are very satisfied with your quality and on time delivery. We would like to consider using you for all of our prototypes as well as some of our production runs. Do you set up net 30 accounts with companies? Sincerely

    C Young

The boards arrived Friday in perfect condition. I`m very happy with the quality of workmanship. And thanks for the quick service. That was much faster than I expected. I thought it would take at least another week. I`ll be sure to remember you in the future the next time I need some boards made. Thanks again

    Greco K

yeah i got them and they are excellent, better than i expected, and the turn around time was extremely fast. I will probably have more pcbs to make in the future and will be ordering through you.

    Jason M.

The PCBs have arrived, and they look great. I have already got one wired up and running. I will be sending you another job in the next week or so - thanks once again for your help.

    Brett C

I have received the PC boards you made for me. I am very satisfied with the quality and quick turnaround you provided! The price was very good as well, although the shipping charge was rather high (since from Hong Kong), but not bad for two day shipping. I will not hesitate to use your service again.

    Paul W

Got all the FLEX1 boards in today and they look very good. Thanks for your help. Regards.

    Jim M

The boards are of excellent quality as always, and your service is outstanding. I am highly recommending your company to everyone I know who needs PCBs. Many thanks.

    Kavin P.

PCBs received and we are very pleased with the quality of the boards, the turn around time, and your service. We will be returning for additional orders, and I have advised others of your PCB services. Thanks

    Ed A

I am very happy with the quality of PCBs delivered. I will be testing them later today but I see no problems with them at this time.

    Ken B

I got the new Battery boards today, and I am very pleased. I will use your PCB service for future projects. Thanks for the good service. Best regards

    Hans W

Yes, the boards arrived here yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much for your fast turn around and great work. You guys are the best at what you do. Thanks.

    Rod T

It was a pleasure working with you. We have the PCBs, Very Good quality, Thank you. We will be sending next order for different boards soon.

    Robert C

I am very satisfied with your service, prices, and quality. I plan to use you for all my PCBs for a long time! Thanks

    Joe R

Our boards arrived yesterday. As usual, we were very pleased with the quality and your service. We are currently preparing another order to be submitted tomorrow. Thank you for your support. Best regards.

    Brad T

 Date Time: 11:58:32 AM, 5/24/2024
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