FAQ >> Panelization

  •  How does PCB Fabrication panelize PCBs for the customers?
     Just send the files for an individual board and tell us what you need, and then PCB Fabrication engineers will panelize it for you, it is FREE.

  •  What are the dimensions of a standard panel? I need to figure out how many of my circuit boards will fit on a panel for my online quote.
     We do not have the dimensions of a standard panel. But unless necessary, for PCB best quality control and pricing, we recommend the panel length and width are between 5 and 12.5 inches.

  •  A question regarding for Panelize PCBs. (Populate multiple PCBs on a panel).
     Example, if I have an array of 4 x 5 small PCBs, Do I send the Gerber files with the array and choose "Panel In Gerber Files".

    Or Should I just submit a single board Gerber and let your engineer to panelize for me and choose this "Require Panelize".

  •  When I send over a single board and let you guys build the array, how do I get the paste files so I can get a panel stencil made?
     If your single board file package includes the paste files, soon after my company engineers panelize the Gerber files after you place your PCB order, we will email the paste panel Gerber files back to you, so you can use the panel paste files make the PCB panel stencils.
    Please be advised that my company also provides "Laser Cut Stainless Steel PCB Stencil Service". Here is the PCB Stencil Quote Online webpage link.

  •  If I select "Require Panelize", can I have a chance to check and approve the panel Gerber before the PCB fabrication?
     Yes. When you quote online, after you select "Require Panelize" and check the box for "Customer need approve the panel drawing to fabricate", the PCB panel Gerber files will be emailed to you to check and approve as soon as available.

    Also it is the best way to have the panel Gerber files if you need PCB manufacturer engineers to panelize the Gerber files for you.