FAQ >> How to select PCB Silkscreen

    1. If you are a new customer, you need to register on our website to open account. If you have account already, please log in now.
      PCB silkscreen
    2. After you log in your account, from website homepage main window, find and click PCB Fabrication Quote.
      PCB silkscreen
    3. Follow the instruction go to the section 3/5, and Find and select "Legend silkscreen".
      PCB silkscreen
    4. Go to the last step to generate my company official quote. The quote will be shown on our website, the quote copy will be sent to your email box at same time.
    5. When you need to place the order, click "Order Now" link at the bottom of the quote to pay online.
    6. For getting PCB Fabrication quotes, please click here.